April 4, 2017

Wenco HTCC6000 – Tungsten rich Chromium Carbide Overlay Liners


HTCC600 Tungsten Rich Chromium Carbide Overlay Liner

Wenco Mining’s CCO range includes WenHard HTCC6000 which is manufactured in a composition of Tungsten Carbides, Chromium carbides and Boron Carbides in a Nickel, Boron Silicon matrix. The Tungsten Carbide overlay presence increases the abrasion resistance along with impact resistance leading to increase life of the liners, significant cost and maintenance reduction. WenHard HTCC6000 is engineered to withstand moderate impact and severe abrasion. HTCC6000 is perfectly suitable for hard facing applications which requires impact resistance in a highly abrasive environment. Areas such as Chutes, Dozer blades, stackers, reclaimers, deflectors, impact plates, bins etc which experiences fine particle abrasion coupled with impacts.

The complex microstructure and even distribution of fine carbide mix steel liners contribute to 55 – 60 HRC of matrix hardness on the surface of the liners and the hardness tend to increase further as the liner starts wearing down. This is due to the weight of the tungsten carbide particles which tends to settle down sub surface in the micro structure resulting in increased hardness and abrasion resistant.

Wenco Mining’s WenHard Range is highly versatile with Wenco’s ability to supply the material in various sizes and stud patterns as per the requirement.

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