March 7, 2017

Tired of replacing conveyor curtains?

Conveyor impact curtains are one of the smaller components in conveyor system, yet they play a significant role when it comes to conveyor maintenance. Though the curtains are not conveying materials, they take major impact and abrasion while protecting chutes, walls and sometimes responsible for centered material drop onto the next conveyor system. Hence it is of utmost importance to use a product that is developed to give the curtains expected life with the required resistance. If poorly selected, the conveyor system would require frequent maintenance shut downs than desired which would result in stopping the conveyors for a period of time which could have been utilized for production.

Wenco supplies curtains specially designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house for individual customer requirements in addition to off-the-shelf curtains. Wenco Mining’s Custom curtains are developed to extend the life of curtains to a level where unexpected shutdowns for curtain replacements can almost be completely avoided.

Wenco mining offers custom made flexible curtains equipped with appropriate ceramic mats which comprises of square, hex or cylindrical tiles. These tiles can vary in thickness and in Alumina composition in the range of 92%, 95% and ZTA to compensate for the severity of abrasion and impact. The curtains are manufactured to required curvature depending on the application.

Wenco Mining’s trial curtains for various iron ore mine sites all over Australia have been very successful in the past and have proceeded to procurement phase without any objections.

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