Rubber Cement Adhesive

General Details
WENCO RC (Rubber Cement) Adhesive is a 2-Part component which has to be used with Desmodur RE hardener. It serves as an ideal solution rubber-rubber, rubber-steel, rubber-fabric, fabric-fabric bonding cement/glue/adhesive/vulcanizing solution. It is also suitable for rubber-concrete and rubber-timber sticking. For best results it is advised to be mixed with 4-5% Desmodur Hardener. The kit comes as Adhesive and hardener in individual suitable vessels.
Technical Info


Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) 30-60%
Toluene 10-30%
Hydrotreated Light Naphtha (Petroleum) 10-30%
Available Sizes
  • 20L WENCO RC (Rubber Cement) Adhesive & 750gm DESMODUR RE Hardener
  • 200L WENCO RC (Rubber Cement) Adhesive & 10 x 750gm DESMODUR RE Hardener
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