Steel Cord Belts

General Details
WENCO Mining sources Steel Cords only from globally established manufacturers and conducts periodic checks on the cords supplied to evaluate the Component Dimensions, Tensile Strength, Elongation (Static & Dynamic), Openness, Effectiveness of coating, Cord Pull out strength etc. Cord types 7×7, 7×13 and 7×19 are most popular and can cover a large range of Steel cord Belt ratings.
Technical Info
Standard AS 1333: 1994, DIN 22131: 1988
Belt type all strength classes available up to ST10000
Cover Grades According to AS 1332: M,N,A, CGR, SCGR, T1 – HR 150 (CRHR), T2 – HR 180 and T3 – HR 250 – HR 300, MOR
Cover Quality According to required Standard
Manufactured on Roller Head extrusion for highest quality
Marking Marked on both sides (bottom cover)
Steel Cord construction  7 x 7, 7 x 13 and 7 x 19
Product Range
Width range upto 2500mm as a single cure, up to 3,000mm with a center joint
Lengths Length can be up to maximum possible handling size
Covers All Market required thicknesses available
Breaker ply available (Steel or Aramid)
Conductor loop system available on request Customised section lengths available
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About Us
WENCO Mining division aims to provide exceptional service to its clientele with 24 x 7 support from the team. We improvise the products to meet the clients requirements.