General Details
REXLINE Premium our Premium quality rubber range is a soft rubber compound 38 ShA mainly
for wet application. All Wenco Rex products comes with buff back for easy application. The
roughness of the buff back is in the range of RMA 3 (Rubber Manufacturing Association)
and is perfectly suited for cold bonding.
Technical Info
SPECIFIC GRAVITY 0.98±0.05 0.98±0.05
HARDNESS 38 ± 5 Sh A 38 ± 5 Sh A
TENSILE STRENGTH (min) 25.5 MPa  3626 PSI
ELONGATION AT BREAK (min) 900% 900%
ABRASION RESISTANCE (max) 80 mm³ 80 mm³
TEAR RESISTANCE (Angular) min 44 Kg/cm 247 LbS/Inch
Available Dimensions
3 x 1,500 x 10,000mm

6 x 1,500 x 10,000mm

9 x 1,500 x 10,000mm

10 x 1,500 x 10,000mm

12 x 1,500 x 10,000mm

15 x 1,500 x 10,000mm

19 x 1,500 x 10,000mm

24 x 1,500 x 10,000mm

Our capabilities include manufacturing widths in the range of 1,200mm, 1,400mm and up to 2,000mm and in length of up to 30m.

Double buff back can be made available. 

All above products are available in CN backing upon request.

About Us
WENCO Mining division aims to provide exceptional service to its clientele with 24 x 7 support from the team. We improvise the products to meet the clients requirements.