Fabric Conveyor Belts

General Details

Custom fabric ply belting

Wenco has always focused on meeting the needs of the bulk material handling industry by supplying various high quality types of conveyor belts to the industry. The carcass consists of wholly synthetic fabrics cov-ering both Polyamide-Polyamide (NN) and Polyester-Polyamide (PN) and Aramid construction. Cotton constructions are also available. Special fabric weaves are also offered for applications requiring high anti-tear and high flex properties. Specially designed carcass belts are offered by Wenco for special application considerations. For applications where tear is a concern, Textile or Steel Rip-Check Breakers are available. The inter ply rubber layers are of a special resilient rubber offering maximum resistance to impact and to cope with all mechanical and thermal requirements.

Technical info
Standards AS 1332 : 2000; DIN, ISO, RMA Standard available as well
Grades According to AS 1332: M,N,A, CGR, SCGR, T1 – HR 150 (CRHR), T2 – HR 180 and T3 – HR 250 – HR 300, MOR
Adhesion strength (Top to Ply, Bottom to ply, Ply to ply) – Minimum Minimum 4.5, 4.5, 5.0 kN/m in accordance to minimum AS requirement
Thirs party Testing showes an average of 10kN/m bonding strength
Cover Quality According to required Standard
Manufactured on Roller Head extrusion for highest quality
Marking Marked on both sides (bottom cover)
Product Range
Belt width upto 2500mm as a single cure, up to 3,000mm with a center joint
Lengths Standard length 300m spools
Cut to size possible on request
Length can be increased up to maximum possible handling size
Fabric PN (Polyester Nylon) +315N/mm only as Crows foot weave available
NN (Nyleon Nylon)
SW (Solid Woven Polyester Nylon Cotton)
or Cotton construction
Number of plies  single ply, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (Standard available range)
Covers All Market required thicknesses available
Breaker ply available (Steel or Aramid)
Belt edges  Cut edge and Moulded edge available


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