Epoxy Putty

General Details
Wenco Hi-Density Alumina Wear Epoxy is a 2-part epoxy ceramic wear resistant material, extensively used for repairing and protecting surfaces against abrasive attack. Wenco Hi-Density Alumina Wear Epoxy contains 15 % pure solid white beads, at an alumina content of 92-95 % – which is the same as high impact wear resistant material used to manufacture wear ceramic tiles.  The alumina content in all ceramic wear epoxy on the market with most material being currently only at a total of 78% – 81% alumina content. Wenco Hi-Density Alumina Wear Epoxy is designed to minimise sliding abrasion and corrosion wear.
Techinical Info

Chemical type (resin) Bisphenol A resin
Chemical type (hardener) DETA
Appearance (resin) Clear
Appearance (hardener) Amber
Appearance (mixed) Clear
Components Resin and Hardener
Mix ratio by volume 4:1 – Resin: Hardener
Cure Room Temp. @25ºC
Tack time/Gel time 35 min @ 25ºC
Total cure time 8 hours @25ºC
Ceramic Al₂O₃
Ceramic type Fused Al₂O₃
Ceramic grit size >80% 30/60
Colour mixture Grey
Epoxy/Ceramic ratio >70% w/w  ceramic



Product Range
Part A – Ceramic Putty – 7kg

Part B – Hardener – 250g

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