Conveyor Pulleys

General Details
Wenco Mining Diamond Profiled Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheet prevents belt slippage and protects from wear and corrosion and reduces material build-up. They also influence belt tracking positively. They are available with diamond profiles, with or without special bondinglayer.

  • Conveyor Pulleys
  • Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheet
  • Diamond Groove
  • Pulley Lagging
  • Rubber Sheeting
Technical info
Pattern: Diamond profile
Rubber Shore hardness – 70°C
Tensile strength: 160 – 200 Kg/cm ²
Elongation at break of the dumbbell piece – 500%
Product Range
20000mm x 500mm x 10mm/roll
20000mm x 500mm x 12mm/roll
20000mm x 500mm x 15mm/roll
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