Chevron Conveyor Belts

General Details
WENCO Mining is the “Ultimate Solution” for your inclining Belts. WENCO Mining offers conveyor Belts with corrugated wave edge and Cleats also known as Sidewall belts. With Sidewall height of up to 320mm and in belt width of up to 1600mm. All market cleat widths are available.  These belts are tailor made with specialised Cross rigid reinforcement to ensure flexing in longitudinal direction, while ridged along the width for optimal performance. These belts are available in general purpose, oil and grease- resistant or heat and fire resistant. 

Technical Info
Grades General purpose, Oil and grease resistant, heat and fire resistant.
Product Range
Types Chevron Conveyor Belts; Sidewall & Cleats belts
Sidewall heights up to 320mm
Width Range up to 1600mm with hot bond sidewall and cleats of all market width requirements available
Capability Wide range of Chevrons, Cleats and corrugated wave edges available 
Special Feature Hot bonded cleats and corrugated wave edge available up to 1,600mm beltwidth
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About Us
WENCO Mining division aims to provide exceptional service to its clientele with 24 x 7 support from the team. We improvise the products to meet the clients requirements.