Our Company

Customer Service

WENCO Mining division aims to provide exceptional service to  its clientele with 24 x 7 support from the team. We improvise the products to meet the clients requirements.

In the right environment

We carry one of the largest stocks in Australia on all our core products and has the potential to supply and service the mining industry in quick turn around time. WENCO Mining is a one stop shop for all the refurbishment requirements

Right products in good quality
  • WENCO Mining is fully equipped and not just limited to supply products to the market demands but also has capacity to incorporate market/technological changes when and wherever the need arises.
  • The WENCO Mining team’s high experience in mining industry enables it to foresee the market changes dynamically enhancing its functionality to satisfy the customers demand economically and technically.
  • WENCO Mining in addition to offering quality, off the shelf products in diverse product range, it can also provide custom designed and engineered products with proven result of increased product performances in various applications

How we operate

  • Develop opportunities for sustainable growth of the company and clientele by supplying innovative and quality products and services.
  • Carry on-site and off-site monitoring with the view of improvising the products for better performance.
  • Promote workplace health and safety by constantly improving existing systems and procedures.
  • Identifying key trends, paradigm shifts and value leakages impacting the market and devising solutions to implement requirements

Our Vision

As a team, Wenco Mining thrives with passion towards becoming the most sought after supplier in conveyor, wear and corrosion solutions for the global mining industry.

Our Mission

It is the mission of WENCO Mining to have a portfolio of diversified products which will exceed customers’ expectations, achieve market leadership, commitment to safety and excellence in every segment of its operation.

Our Values

  • Customer service to clientele with 24 x 7 support from the team before and after sales. 
  • Quality services to heighten the standards of excellence we have set.
  • Respect integrity, safety, professionalism, client focus, creativity and environment.
  • Flexibility to market changes and paradigm shifts.
    Commitment to relentless pursuit of innovation in producing and providing high quality products and services.

Our Company History

October 2015

(RLC&C | Mining)

Launch of WENCO (RLC&C | Mining)

Jan 2016

Largest rubber sheeting manufacturer

WENCO Mining secures exclusivity from Asia’s third largest rubber sheeting manufacturer

March 2016

Pilbara Region

Ongoing conveyor belting supply to Pilbara region

July 2016

New venture

Starts venture into steel liners to match the demand for quality steel liners in market

August 2016


WENCO Mining expands internationally to supply South America, United States of America, Dubai, Canada, Thailand, India and China.

Our Leadership Team

Wenco provides continuous quality control throughout every project, with expert management teams to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely, to budget and schedule.

Rudolf Michel
Global Technical Manager
I joined Wenco in 2016 after being in the rubber industry my entire career. Being a trainer, I have trained over 3,000 people in rubber lining, belt splicing, tyre repairing and re-treading.
Rohit Katti Wenco
Rohit Katti
BDM Application & Asset Reliability Specialist
WENCO Mining’s customer focused approach to wear solutions gave me an opportunity to utilize my expertise and experience to ensure a successful client relationship by working closely with all levels of mining personnel to guarantee the reliability and maintainability of the assets

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About Us
WENCO Mining division aims to provide exceptional service to its clientele with 24 x 7 support from the team. We improvise the products to meet the clients requirements.