Feed Distributors

About this project

Feed distributor is a beautiful piece of vessel which evenly distributes the fluid/slurry fed among desired number of outlets. WENCO Mining had the opportunity to work on couple of the feed distributors whose function was to effectively distribute the flow among 14 cyclones attached to the vessel from where finer particles are separated from coarser particle along with slurry. Engineering experts at WENCO Mining suggested a minor engineering change which tremendously increased the life of the outlet nozzle.

Engineering Improvisation

Compensation pads were added to the nozzles where the thickness loss of 3 – 5mm. The new nozzles were rolled and fabricated to 20mm thickness, without altering the flange bolt hole patterns.

Scope of this project

  • Dismantle & Inspection
  • Removal of existing lining
  • Repair & welding
  • Surface treatment Assembly
  • Blasting & Painting

Causes and Benefits

Reason: Blown holes in the nozzle area caused by concentrated wear and excessive throughput
Benefits: Longer life of the nozzles and uninterrrupted production

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