June 20, 2017

Mining Equipment Suppliers in Perth

Mining Equipment Suppliers in Perth

Over the last 35 years, WENCO Mining’s premium range of wear solution and conveyor belts have made us one of the leading suppliers of mining solutions in Perth. Within the past year, our Mining Division has expanded globally, supplying the US, India, China, South America, Dubai, Canada, Mexico, Malaysian and Thailand. Some of our large scale clients include BHP, Rio Tinto, CITIC Pacific Mining, Fortescue Metals and ALCOA.

At WENCO, we pride ourselves in offering the most competitive price for a broad variety of supplies for the mining and mineral processing industries. This is largely due to our immense buying power as well as the huge stock holdings we have at our warehouses. Not only are our prices unbeatable, but we never compromise quality, with our solutions proven to have guaranteed results. Our highly-capable engineering team also understands that no two jobs are created the same and we customize all of our solutions to the exact specifications requested by our clients.


Wear Solutions

Pipes, chutes, spools and other expensive equipment can be damaged from impact and abrasion that occurs in the mining and mineral processing industries. To overcome these obstacles, WENCO Mining provides wear solutions in order to save our clients both time and money.

Various case studies have shown that our premium rubber sheeting has reduced cost, extended life and reduced unexpected maintenance of pipes, chutes, spools and feed distributors. Our current range of rubber sheeting includes WENCO REX Premium, Malay, WenGuard, Orange, Black, IL, BIIR and MBR – each with their own set of unique properties and applications.

We also understand that for certain instances such as slurry handling, where abrasion and impact is too great, rubber lining may not be the most optimal solution. For those cases, WENCO Mining stocks wear protection in the form of various ceramic and steel liners. Some of these are Direct Bond Ceramic Tiles, Steel & Rubber Back Composite Ceramic Liners, CCO Liners, Crusher or Manganese Liners, Rubber Mining Hoses and more.


Conveyor Solutions

WENCO Mining carries an astounding length of over 50km of conveyor belt stock, making us one of the leading mining suppliers in Perth. This includes, but isn’t limited to, Fabric Reinforced, Steel Cord, Chevron, Sidewall, Buck Elevator and Vacuum Filter Belts. As mentioned, all of our conveyor belts are customized to suit any specification requested by our clients.

We also complete rubber backed lagging and complete refurbishments of conveyor belt pulleys – all of which are completed in-house by our team of skilled engineers. By doing this, we able to improve friction between belt and pulley and extend the total wear life of the entire systems.


Tool and Other Products

Since WENCO is one of Perth’s largest mining suppliers, we take pride in being a one stop shop for all wear solutions and conveyor belt tools, primers, adhesives, epoxy putty and all other equipment that is required by the mining industry.

“WENCO Mining takes pride in achieving 24/7 customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact us.”

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