June 20, 2017

Mining Equipment Suppliers in Perth

Mining Equipment Suppliers in Perth Over the last 35 years, WENCO Mining’s premium range of wear solution and conveyor belts have made us one of the leading suppliers of mining solutions in Perth. Within the past year, our Mining Division has expanded globally, supplying the US, India, China, South America, Dubai, Canada, Mexico, Malaysian and Thailand. […]

Mining Products
May 25, 2017

Global Export of Wenco RC adhesive ( Rubber Cement )

The brand and quality recognition of Wenco RC from global rubber lining and conveyor belt industry has been overwhelming. The product’s amazing tack/open time makes it very versatile for various applications. In Picture: Lined up shipment of Wenco RC in 200L drums to be exported to Mexico and USA.

May 20, 2017

Laboratory Testing of Wenco Rex Premium and Wenguard

Wenco Rex Premium (40 Shore A) and Wenguard (60 Shore A) was tested against equivalent Australian market high-end red rubber to determine the wet abrasion loss at 10N load. Wenco Mining’s Rex Premium exhibited loss of 14 cu. mm where the comparison product exhibited 16 cu. mm. Wenguard’s abrasion loss was 41 cu. mm compared […]

May 2, 2017

Rex Premium replacing, industrial premium red rubber in the Australian Market

It is good to see Australian Iron Ore Market finally recognizing, replacing premium red rubber with Wenco Rex premium and specifying our Rex premium into Iron ore fines, concentrates, chutes and premium slurry / mineral sand pipe lining Thereby mines are getting not only the same life span as before but also a substantial cost […]

April 4, 2017

Wenco HTCC6000 – Tungsten rich Chromium Carbide Overlay Liners

Wenco Mining’s CCO range includes WenHard HTCC6000 which is manufactured in a composition of Tungsten Carbides, Chromium carbides and Boron Carbides in a Nickel, Boron Silicon matrix. The Tungsten Carbide overlay presence increases the abrasion resistance along with impact resistance leading to increase life of the liners, significant cost and maintenance reduction. WenHard HTCC6000 is […]

March 27, 2017

Art of Conveyor belt splicing!

“Splicing may look simple to naked eyes but in reality minute technical details that go in to the splicing a belt contribute mainly for the integrity of the system. Getting the angle of skive right is just the first step in a proper splicing. Then comes the plies where any minor nick on the adjacent […]

Mining Products
March 15, 2017

Removal of rubber lining made easy

De-lining of a rubber lined equipment often proves to be a complicated and cumbersome process which consumes most of the productive man hours. Wenco Mining supplies the Australian rubber lining industry with effective and safe Fein de-lining tool which is capable of removing the existing rubber lining in any type of environment. With its compact […]

March 7, 2017

Tired of replacing conveyor curtains?

Conveyor impact curtains are one of the smaller components in conveyor system, yet they play a significant role when it comes to conveyor maintenance. Though the curtains are not conveying materials, they take major impact and abrasion while protecting chutes, walls and sometimes responsible for centered material drop onto the next conveyor system. Hence it […]

January 25, 2017

WENCO RC (Rubber Cement) Adhesive

WENCO RC is a uniquely engineered adhesive to provide secure bonding with a long tack life/increased open time and to fit the lining/bonding needs of mining industry. WENCO RC is widely used in rubber-rubber, rubber-steel, rubber-fabric and fabric-fabric bonding across the globe in various mining application. Independent testing was carried out on WENCO RC to […]

January 18, 2017

Polyurethane to Composite Snap Lock Liners

Typical application of industry standard supply snap lock liners is to resist the effect of abrasion and to absorb medium to high, direct or angular impact caused during mineral processing. These types of liners can be widely seen in screens and feeders where impact would be a significant factor along with abrasion. 

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